【Php 腓8-2】How To Work Out Our Salvation?如何做成得救的功夫?

2023-05-10 14:56:27

How To Work Out Our Salvation?  


2.   How to work out our salvation?

1)The working of God in people He loves is like “silken fetters”, “binding” our heart to His love and leading

* Just as the selfless love of a wife has “bound” the husband, causing him to love her willingly; the infinite grace and truth of Christ is like silken fetters, causing us to surrender to Him willingly. In fact, the tighter the silken fetters bind us, our hearts and minds will be closer to God’s, and thus our submission will greatly manifest the glory of the Father. The silken fetters of God is like:

① God began a good work in me, and enables me to gladly obey Him <1:6, 2:12>;   

② God, for His name, leads me to the path of righteousness, hastens me to work out my salvation <2:12>; 

③ God causes me to be unable to find peace and meaning in this crooked and depraved generation, instead, only by setting apart and living out Christ can I see my own value and glory <2:15>; 

④ God all the more binds me in His joy, when I suffer for the sake of gospel, enabling my spirit to transcend the earthly joy <2:17>;

⑤ God binds me to the intercession and concerns of the brethren

2)How to connect to God’s work within us and work out our salvation? 《2:12-13》

① Knowing the attributes of God and being conscious about His indwelling, therefore fear and tremble! A lot of people misunderstand this as a fearful heart, but here it implies a heart of revering and solely seeking God. Actually, believers often lack this fear and trembling heart, and thus let loose in their living; if the people sharing God’s word lacks such heart, the message shared is often knowledge and theories.

② We need to confirm and understand God’s word, until our will and emotions match God’s. Although this is a process (our weak nature often distracts us and causes us to incline to our flesh), we need to experience the teaching and support of the Holy Spirit in all things. Eg: the calmness in making judgment, the peace of body, the wisdom in speech, the rhythm in living, the joy in playing, the fervor in serving, the sincerity in loving men etc, all these are characteristics we can see from man, but Lord wants us to learn how to listen to Him and do His will in all things, so that He can be glorifed.

③  Whether it’s toward man or things, we need to live in the infinite conviction of the Holy Spirit all the time, and live by always testing and approving God’s perfect will. (Only by living out the perfect will of God, can God be glorified.)

④  After doing the will of God, we need to always receive rewards from Him. The evidence of God rewarding us is the joy of the Spirit in our hearts.

3)In practical living, we ought to examine ourselves: if we do in reverence to God, we will surely display the virtues of believers in crowds 《2:14-15》

* Specially, Paul instructed the believers to avoid complaining or arguing. If a believer reveres and seeks God in his spirit (guard his heart and mind), he is surely able to hold his tongue. Often, believers often complain, lament, and argue with people in their own designated tasks. As a result, they lose the Holy Spirit’s conviction easily, and cause the pessimistic spirit to be working in the people around them. Such complaining and dissatisfied spirit absolutely cannot glorify God, and also stumble the people around us. Try asking, if a wife often laments, it will not benefit her husband and children, no matter how well she manages the matters of the house; if a worker often complains, no matter how responsible he is, he will not be recognized by his boss. If possible, we believers should put all these habits to stop. Specially, after this, Paul talked about being the children of God without fault in the crooked and depraved generation  (an era of not acknowledging God, letting loose of selves and being self-centred). This is not implying we can attain the perfect standard of morality, but being accountable to man in our speech and actions, a contrast to the people of the world. If we can have a little good virtue in the slightest matter, men naturally see the glory in our lives.


2.   如何做成得救的工夫?


* 就如一个丈夫的妻子无私的爱“捆绑”了他,使他心甘情愿地爱她,基督无穷的恩典与真理如同柔软的羁绊,使我们心甘乐意地降服祂。确实上,若这羁绊捆绑我们越紧,我们的情感意志越是与神的吻合,使我们的顺服大大彰显父的荣耀。在此神柔软的羁绊有如:

① 神在我身上动了救恩善工,使我乐意顺服祂《1:6; 2:12》;

② 神为祂的名引导我走义路,使我被催逼不断要做成得救的工夫《2:12》;

③ 神使我在这弯曲悖谬的世代找不到平安与意义,相反的唯有分别为圣活出基督才能看见自己的价值与荣耀《2:15》;

④ 神在我为福音受苦、受委屈时更是被捆在祂的喜乐里,使我心灵远超越地上的福乐《2:17》;

⑤ 神使我被捆在肢体的代祷与关怀中。


① 我们因认识神的属性与意识到祂的临在,所以恐惧战兢!很多人误解这为一种惧怕的心,但这里说的是一种敬畏与单一寻求依靠神的心。确实上,信徒常少了恐惧战兢的心,所以生活容易放纵;传讲神话语的人若少了这等心,所以传出来的信息多半是知识道理。

② 我们当确认与领会神的话语,直到自己的意志、情感,与神的话语配合。纵然这是一个过程(我们软弱的体质也常叫我们受干扰而体贴肉体),但我们要常经历圣灵在凡事的指教与扶持。例如:判断的冷静、肉身的安然、说话的智慧、生活中的节奏、玩乐中的喜乐、事奉中的火热、爱人的诚恳、等,这一切虽是在世人身上都看见的特性,但主要我们在凡事学习怎么尊祂而行,以至荣耀祂。

③ 不管是对事对人,我们需要常活在圣灵无限的感动,天天察验神的美意而活。 (唯有活出主的美意,才是荣耀神)

④ 当我们行了神的美意,总要从主得赏赐,而神赏赐我们的明证就是我们心里满有圣灵的喜乐。


* 特别,保罗在这里嘱咐信徒当避免发怨言与争论倘若一个信徒在心灵里敬畏与寻求神(保守心怀意念),他绝对能勒住自己的舌头。通常,信徒在自己分内当做的事情常埋怨、抱怨、动不动与人起争执,他是很容易消灭圣灵的感动,也叫消极的灵在他周围人身上运行。这种埋怨与不满的精神绝不能荣耀神,也会叫自己与周围的人跌倒。试想,一个妻子若常抱怨,就算她在家中的事物做得再好,丈夫与儿女都无法受益;若一个员工常抱怨,他就算尽责,也不能得老板的赏识。所以倘若能行,我们信徒当停止这类的习惯。特别,保罗在这之后说到在这弯曲悖谬的世代(不承认有神,而随意放纵自我的世代)作神无瑕疵的儿女。这也并不是说我们能达到道德完美的地步,乃是在言语行为上对得起人,与一般世人有对比倘若我们在小事上有稍微的德行,人很自然得见我们生命的荣光

3.  The evidence of having worked out our salvation – ministry that is grounded, the assurance of joy

1)Believers in Philippian had personally met God through the complete gospel Paul passed to them, and continued to work out their salvation such that Paul did not labour for nothing 《2:16》

* The complete vs truncated gospel will eventually reveal the differences. If a group of believers have received the teaching of the complete gospel, no matter how small their strengths and conditions are, the truth they believe will surely manifest in their living (different from the worldly people), and will surely be passed on with time. This is like how apostles passsed down the Christian faith. If we tend to our desires and distort the true essence of gospel (eg: not enabling people to meet God, not teaching people to be grounded in working out their salvation), as time passes, the distortion will be shown in life like a leaven, causing the whole dough to be fermented.

2)Although Paul was imprisoned and far from family and friends, he was extremely rejoiced by the progression of faith of the Philippian believers 《2:17》

* Often, we cannot explain or understand the joy that the apostles’ faith had brought. Maybe a lot may think that they will never reach such a level. Actually, if we do not continue to work out our salvation or deeper experience the supernatural work of the Spirit in our lives, we will always feel that such level of faith is far from reach. But actually, when a believer slowly overcomes the wellbeing and joy of the flesh, and start to experience the joy of obeying Lord, one day, he will experience the power and joy not known to man as he suffers for gospel, giving all glory to God.

3) Eventually, Paul passed the joy of such life to the believers 《2:18》

* Some manifestation of life cannot be forced upon, if not it will become legalism. Here, Paul showed the believers the highest power and joy of the Spirit, and it is manifested through his joy of submitting to God, loving souls of men even in difficult situation. If we are to pass down the power and joy of loving God, the most God-driven way is to live out the joy of submission.


3.   做成得救的工夫的证据 – 有根基的事工,有喜乐的确据


* 全备与欠缺的福音最终必带来差异。倘若一群信徒是受了全备真理的教导,他们虽力量与条件微小,但所信的道是必然显在他们的生活当中(与世人分别),日子过了也必传递下去。这就如同使徒们所传递下来的基督信仰。倘若因体贴人意而在福音的真意偏差了(例如:不叫人遇见神,不教导人有根有基地做成得救的工夫),日子过了,那偏差会如同面酵在人的生命显现出来,使全团发酵


* 每当我们见使徒有如此信心所带来的喜乐表现,我们总觉得难以测度。或许有些信徒认为自己一生无法达到那地步。其实若我们不继续做成得救的工夫,不更深经历圣灵在我们生命里那超然的动工,总会觉得这等信心的领域是遥远的。但确实上,当一个信徒渐渐跨越肉身安康的喜乐,开始经历遵行神的那等喜乐,有一天他在为福音受苦中便会经历如此不为人所知的能力与喜乐,使荣耀归于神



Extracts from

【Book of Philippians 8

"The Power and Joy in Working out your Salvation"


【腓立比书 8】


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